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In addition to castings, the Cine-Jessy studio also provides  other services for film and commercial  production.
We offer you the services of our professional photo studio/photographer, an assistant director with a wealth of experience and also a large network of associate partners in the field of media, arts and cinema. Our reputation speaks for itself through our references.



We offer to our clients the services of our professional photographers or a photo studio. Clients can choose from a range of several renowned commercial photographers.


Assistant Director

Since 1996, Richard Kay has been collaborating with a number of service production companies in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria participating on the production of commercials and also working as an Assistant Director.



Following extensive experience in audiovisual production we now offer our customers a new service in the production and implementation of commercials, short films and documentaries.


Creative Space

We believe that our little space is an “experimental film studio” where students of film, photography or other related studies, can observe and experience for themselves how the casting agency functions in a real time setting.