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Cine-Jessy casting studio has been specializing in the casting of actors and extras for TV, movies and commercial projects since 2000.

Our unique database contains over 9000 talented actors,large groups of extras,  dancers, athletes, hosts, models, both male & female.

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In addition to castings, the Cine-Jessy studio provides also other services for film and commercial  production.

We offer you services of our professional photo studio/photographer, an assistant director with rich experience and also a large network of associate partners in the field of media, arts and cinema. Our reputation speaks for itself through our references.

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By registering for free in our CINE-JESSY database you will gain the opportunity to make money, participate in the movies and commercials, and you will also get many more advantages. It is possible to register online only through the Slovak version.

If you are a foreigner living in Slovak Republic, send us an email to and we will schedule for you a personal registration.

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Our reputation speaks for itself through our references..