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Casting actors into movies and TV projects, extras, modeling or voice-over casting.
Our agency has more than 10 years of experience in casting services on a professional level.


For actors, extras, models

· Registration into our database is free of charge, available anytime, conveniently online or in person if arranged.
· Agency services (general care from casting to shooting on set)
· Exclusive representation (exclusive representation in a particular territory)
· Providing agent services (representation of actors and models – addressing contracts, terms & compensation)
· Photography services (actor portraits, headshots, talent portfolios, photo retouching)


For movie and TV productions,
advertising agencies

· turn-key casting services, casting of desired actor, (Slovak, Czech, Hungarian)
· turn-key casting Prague, Budapest
· entire film casts, commercial
· voice-over casting 
· providing extras
· supplying male & female models
· providing of casting director services
· photograhy & cameraman  services (Richard Kay photography)
· all agency services

In addition to the main scope of our business, which is casting talent for commercials and movies, our agency has also number of side activities, which are mainly used to support the main activity by searching for  new faces and their representation.


We can send specific photos of different types of people by request only.

We can also schedule them to attend our castings. Photo-casting is a process when client choses from offered photographes. It is a convenient method to select exactly the types of talent which the client is interested in.


Casting of commercials is a slighlty different process when it comes to searching for new faces. The selection of new faces is more focused on a theme as well as the  individual casting recruitment.

For commercials we are offering different  types of unique talent that is hard to find elsewhere in the industry.  We welcome candidates 30 to 50 years old, both men & women. We have rich experiences in the organization of castings for commercials. Nowadays we work almost exclusively through digitized outputs. Everything will depend on the demands and wishes of the client.


Our agency has participated in several historical movies requiring a large number of typologically special extras, such as Naples: Southern types, tinier figures with long hair, the World War II: German soldiers or Jewish workers; Russia: 18th century, light hair, robust figures, France: 19th century, etc. We have experience in organizing castings even in the Roma community. The agency has rich experience with filming in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We register performers also regionally. It also paned out to attend some recruitment castings just before the production directly in the locations, that we still keep in our database.

The Pythia database

We work in Pythia, a sophisticated database program, which was designed directly to work for a casting agency.

It helps to record and research the desired  parameters and properties quickly and accurately while searching for a person or group of persons according to specified criteria.  It allows operative interventions into the structure of the entire database according to the specific needs of our clients. The Pythia database makes the organization in the production of projects more precise and it speeds up the  entire search process. It also provides a number of outputs in which we can deliver printed or digital form, as required. The database program protects data in accordance with the Act of Personal Data Protection.

Expanding the database

The main activity of our casting agency is searching for new interesting faces and types of different ages, nationalities, different skills and interests for the  purposes of films and commercials.

In other words we seek and register everyone who is interested in long term cooperation with us. During the  existence of our agency we have created a large group of experienced and disciplined film extras who regularly collaborate with us, thus they facilitate the work for us and the crew. We also register to our database professional actors, dancers, athletes, tv hosts, female and male models. We regularly travel to visit Slovak theatres, amateur theatres,  professional theatre and dance groups. We are also interested in specific categories of people such as : twins, triplets, doubles, midgets or various exotic faces. We keep relevant data in our records to offer current information about potential performers to our clients.

We organize regular recruitment of new faces and continuously update already registered candidates.

You can also register conveniently – online.

We register candidates from all over Slovakia and through our close cooperation with Cine-Jessy/Prague also in the Czech Republic.

Social gatherings, events

We also participate in organizing social gatherings or supplying performers for various events. We can help in choosing an agency that organizes an event for the client directly from beginning to finish. We assist in the selection of performers and models.

Radio and dubbing

Our database contains voice samples of professional actors. We organize voice castings for radio spots. We cooperate with sound studios and post-productions in acquiring interesting voices for film and television dubbing. Contact us for more detailed information.


The collaboration with television productions in our industry has started to successfully gain  momentum. We recently casted talent for  brand new television projects, pilot parts of different programs and reality shows such as FC tri-skáč, Bez servítky, FARMA for TV Markíza, visuals for STV, TV jingle – News, Sport, Dievča za milión, etc. for TV JOJ and castings exclusively for TVA.