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What is Cine-Jessy?

Cine-Jessy is a casting agency that has held an eminent position in the Slovakian film and advertising industry, since 2000. Overtime it has become well known in its area.

Our parent company CINE-JESSY, located in Prague, has produced over 300 films and countless number of commercials since 1991.

We specialize in casting, hence in selecting and casting professional and amateur actors for movies, commercials and TV series. We not only work with professionals like (actors, actresses, models) but we also scout for interesting faces of men, women and children for movies and commercials. Our door is open to everyone.

What do we do?

We register Slovakian and Czech actors, who speak at least one foreign language (English, German, or Hungarian), foreign actors and American actors living in Bratislava or Prague. We manage our database of extras – interesting faces for movies and commercials.  We provide models, dancers, musicians and artist from various fields.

We also offer service of assistant director, casting director, photographer, hair and make-up stylists.



CINE-JESSY company based in Prague was founded in 1991 by Mgr. Jessica Horváthová. It was established with substantial assistance of photographer Jiri Hanzel and Karol Holubička. The agency has been specializing in scouting and casting not only for young talents, but also experienced professionals.

In 2000, CINE-JESSY Prague officially expanded to Slovakian branch CINE-JESSY Bratislava. Casting director Richard Kay Kardhordó, who has rich organizational and movie making experince has been appointed as the managing director of the agency in Bratislava.

The CINE-JESSY Bratislava branch has promptly entered  the Slovakian  movie industry and it has been satisfying Slovakian  and foreign  customers by offering reliable and quality services. Expanding  network of professional colleagues has been significantly helping the success of the agency.

After just a few years of the agency’s existence, CINE-JESSY Bratislava can present itself with many great results, proven by many references from Slovakia and abroad.